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Building Energy Management Systems

Get control of your organisation's energy usage & carbon footprint with a smart building energy management system (BEMS). Hybrid can save you time, money and CO2 by monitoring and optimising your on site equipment..

Our cutting edge systems will help you to:

  • Significantly reduce energy consumption
  • Cut CO2 emissions
  • Save money on both OpEx & CapEx
  • Extend equipment lifespan
  • Improve occupant comfort

Advanced Graphics Solutions

Let Hybrid Controls Solutions implement our Advanced Graphics Solution to get unrivalled insight,
customisation and usability of your BEMS.

Hybrid Controls Solutions can provide our state of the art graphics & dashboarding solution for both
new and existing installations, tailored precisely to your building and equipment.

Variable Speed Drives

Did you know, 45% of the world’s electricity is consumed by motors in building and industrial applications? 

Hybrid’s specialist engineers have extensive experience of installing Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on energy hungry electric motors, to yield huge energy savings along with improvements in control, maintenance and comfort.

Metering Solutions

Do you know how your energy is consumed?

Metering systems are one of the most effective ways of understanding your energy consumption, and identifying areas for future savings. Our tailored, easy to use systems provide clear visualisation and reporting, to enable you to truly understand your organisation’s energy.

Energy Audits

Concerned about your organisation’s energy usage? With the ever rising cost of commercial energy, it has never been more critical.

Our no obligation energy audits assist you to identify areas where consumption can be reduced, and tailor a solution specific to your needs.


Let us create a maintenance plan that is right for you. Our specialist team of engineers will carry out installations, repairs, and ongoing control system maintenance so you don’t have to.

With our team’s versatility and technical expertise, we give you peace of mind that your systems are taken care of.

Why choose us for your energy solutions?

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